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      They'll tell you why : for the same reason no successful business will let anyone but an experienced lawyer or law firm handle their legal work. They know what the results can be if they don't

      In the case of firms who make, market or distribute products for experts, a bad translation of an official document or letter can result in a fine or loss of your import license; a bad translation of business correspondence can result in losing a valued customer because he just hasn't got the time to try to understand what you're trying to tell him. Either that or he figures you don't care enough about his business to show him the courtesy of writing to him in his own language in a way he can understand.
      And more times than you can imagine, it can result in your losing repeat orders because the end user can't understand your operating manual. Next time he will go to your competition who puts out a manual he can understand. And what's really tragic is that your product may be a lot better than your competition's.

      Translation is a profession.Pharmacists are professionals, for example, but they aren't physicians, don't claim to be and don't hand out medical advice. They leave that to other professionals: physicians.

      Unfortunately,that isn't the situation with translation: there are people who'll take on a translation job just because they speak another language. I can show you four year-olds who are bilingual, but no one would think of asking them to do a translation.

      The same is true (or ought to be) of a good many people who are not professional translators. Many of them will accept translation jobs and it's even possible they may quote you a lower price than you'd pay a professional translator. But when you start losing customers and business, you won't know what the trouble is: you'll just know there's trouble.

      The truth is, there's very little difference between what professional translation agency charges and what an amateur charges. The difference is in the quality of the work and the effect it can have on your business. Among other things a professional translation agency works with hundreds of translators, all over the country, each one with his or her own speciality.

     If you export powdered milk, a professional agency will give your job to a specialist in the food industries. But if you're considering opening a manufacturing subsidiary of your Machine Tool Plant, the agency will make sure your translation job goes to someone with a solid knowledge not only of engineering but of the country you want to set up in and the legal and business terminology of the country.

      The same is true of as simple a thing as an instruction sheet. In Spanish there are four different words for (electric)plug,depending on which country you're dealing with. A good agency gives your job to a translator who knows what the right word is for your business and your market.

      I guess when you get right down to it, what you want in a translator is confidence: you'll never get that from an amateur or a part-time" translator" with a dictionary and a word processor. Where you will get it is from a professional translation agency. Make no mistake: we want your business and our success depends on your success. Always has.

P.Sreenath, CEO.

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